Work Opportunities at Duke Regional

Looking to work at Duke Regional Hospital? 

1306_snclr-dk_8026You can view current job opportunities, which include all job listings at Duke Regional Hospital, on the Duke Human Resources website. You may also apply directly to a specific position from the site.

10 Tips for Applying Online at Duke Regional Hospital

  1. Set-up an account to submit your online application. Choose the external gateway to set up your account.
  2. Fill out all fields within the online application.  Skipping response fields will not provide complete information and may cause your online application to be disregarded for lack of detail.
  3. Make sure your responses are complete, accurate and error free. With digital applications, error-laden content lives on and potentially hurts your chances for employment.
  4. Create a cover letter and upload it into the system.  Use the cover letter to showcase your objective along your skills and abilities that meet the minimum qualifications.
  5. Create a resume complete with every job you have held listing them in chronological order. Include the name of the organization; your job title; and the month and year you started and ended your employment.  Also specify whether the job is part-time or full-time.  Include the tasks you performed or the results you achieved.
  6. Include your education; certifications, and licensure.  Provide the name of the educational institution; the date you achieved your degree or certification/licensure or listing in a registry.  These should be listed in chronological as well.
  7. Tailor your résumé to the job listing; ensure you are using the same terminology as the job description.  Speak the same language as that of the employer.
  8. Upload your resume. This is an important step because it presents a succinct picture of your qualifications and whether you are a fit for the job.  Without a resume, your qualifications do not come across clearly.
  9. Monitor the status of your application online through the Job Submission Status feature. If your resume is forwarded to a hiring department for consideration, your job status will reflect the movement.
  10. Be patient. Due to the high volume of applications received for each position, Duke Regional Hospital is unable to respond to each candidate individually regarding the status of their application.

Become a PRN Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants along with many other healthcare workers “work PRN” in hospital settings such as Duke Regional Hospital (DRH). The initials stand for “pro re nata,” a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “as needed” or “as the situation arises.” A PRN is paid by the hour at DRH according to the Duke University Health System certified nursing assistant compensation schedule. A PRN worker, however, does not qualify for health care coverage, vacation time, or other institutional benefits and has no guarantee of work. Many hospitals like Duke Regional typically need PRN workers and employ them on various units as well as for the float pool throughout the year, especially through the holidays.

Because hospitals can’t just close their doors when staff members call out sick, most have a group of  PRN nursing assistants who can be asked to come in when regular staffers take vacations or enjoy the   holidays. These PRN jobs can require a commitment of a certain number of hours per month, e.g. minimum of 24 hour a month, to ensure familiarization with the facility as well as hospital procedures and   quality of care.  Getting shifts to work should not be a problem, but flexibility will ensure a continuing       relationship with the unit or the hospital.

There are drawbacks to PRN work. The lack of a consistent salary (unless you are employed elsewhere), the possibility of having to work shifts perhaps no one else finds desirable and the lack of benefits. It’s also difficult at times not to be part of the regular staff, although if you work on one unit frequently and get to know everyone, you might feel very comfortable working PRN.

Being in the right place at the right time can help you get a hospital job. If you work on a unit in a PRN   job, you’re already a familiar face. Your work ethic — hopefully a good one — is already known. When it’s time to hire someone for a part-time or full-time position, your name may come up as a candidate. Because you’re already a hospital employee, you might also have access to job postings first.

Duke Regional Hospital is currently seeking certified nursing assistants (PRN) for the following areas:

  • General Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine (Nights)
  • Float Pool

Click here to apply.

Celebrate National Case Management Week 2013

National Case Management Week will take place October 13-19, 2013. This year’s theme is Case Management: Broadening the Continuum of Care.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in its 2010 Occupational Outlook Handbook, identifies case management as a field projected to grow faster than other job categories.  Hospital case managers are professionals with BSN or MSW degrees, employed in a hospital setting. They ensure that patients are admitted and transitioned to the appropriate level of care, have an effective plan of care, and are receiving prescribed treatments.  Case managers are advocates for services and plans needed during and after their hospital stay. They plan for transitions of care, discharge, and often post discharge follow up. They coordinate and communicate with the patient and family, physician(s), funding sources, i.e. insurance companies, Medicare, and community resources that provide services the patient may need, such as rehabilitation facilities or providers of medical equipment. Through this coordination, hospital case managers’ goals are to ensure both optimal patient and hospital outcomes including quality of care, efficient resource utilization and reimbursement for services.

Because case management promotes cost-effectiveness, it is essential to the success of healthcare reform.  Case managers know how to maximize services for patients and make sure they are getting everything to which they are entitled based on their insurance coverage, and are transitioning successfully to the next level of care. Case managers help produce better outcomes through their patient centered focus to avoid costly readmissions. Hospitals are just starting to realize just how critical a role case managers play in healthcare reform.  Their value is clear.

Case management positions, full time and part-time are currently available at Duke Regional Hospital, ranked among the top hospitals in North Carolina by US News & World Report. To apply for a case management position, click here.