Advance Care Planning and Organ Donation

On Monday, April 14, 2014, Pastoral Services at Duke Regional Hospital will host an Advance Care Planning Table at the entrance of the Hospital’s Cafeteria for visitors and staff to learn about the importance of Advance Care planning, and making those important decisions about your health care before difficult decisions have to be made.

Advance Directives such as Living Wills and Health Care Power of Attorney forms will be available to complete if desired. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to register as an organ donor.

Take the time to consider these important decisions, discuss them with your loved ones and let us help you complete the documents. It will give you peace of mind that your decisions are known and will be honored.

Call the Chaplain’s office at 919470-5363 if you have questions.

Gained and Lost

BlogPhotoOn March 29, 2014, the Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery invited patients to celebrate their life after surgery. The reunion offered patients and their loved ones the opportunity to share their success and celebrate the pounds they’ve lost.

Over 11,300 pounds were lost by reunion attendees. What is even more impressive is what patients gained since their surgery.

One patient wrote, “The most important thing I gained after weight loss surgery is freedom from hypertension medication and my sleep apnea machine.” Another said, “I’m able to play with my daughter.”

One woman wrote, “I gained a husband”, while another stated she got “a new wardrobe – twice!” Patients added that they gained confidence, better sleep, energy, self-esteem, independence, better health, courage and a future.

For some people, a healthy diet and rigorous exercise isn’t enough for dramatic weight loss. With several different surgical methods available, the Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery may be the answer for those at risk for serious weight-related health issues. The Center’s six board-certified surgeons perform approximately 800 bariatric surgeries each year.

“The most important thing I gained after weight loss surgery is patience. This is a lifestyle change,” said one reunion attendee. Another patient added, “I believe in myself now. I deserve a good life.”

Click here to learn more about the Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery.

Celebrating Our Volunteers


Volunteers. We couldn’t do it without them. They greet visitors and family members at our information desk, discharge patients, serve in the hospital gift shop, and so much more.

During National Healthcare Volunteer Week we recognize the important work our volunteers do each and every day. Last year our 145 volunteers donated 23,700 hours of their time to Duke Regional Hospital. We thank them for their selfless work and dedication to Duke Regional. Without them our hospital could not succeed.

Interested in joining our team as a volunteer? Visit to download the application and learn more about our program.

Expanded Interactive Map

Launched in September, our interactive map is a convenient tool to help patients and their loved ones navigate to and within Duke Regional. You can use our interactive map to:

  • get directions to Duke Regional from any location
  • locate visitor parking lots
  • use the floor plan to find areas within the hospital on floors 1-3
  • print a floor plan to bring with you to your next visit for even more assistance

After the debut, we received feedback that patients and visitors needed help navigating patient care areas on floors 4-7. We immediately started working on adding those units and now our interactive map covers the entire hospital.

Like before, the map is compatible with both desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices.

Click here to check out our newly expanded interactive map.

Happy Doctor’s Day!


National Doctors Day acknowledges how doctors play a key role in our well-being. At Duke Regional, our experts take pride in serving their patients as well as their loved ones. Below are excerpts from a few of the compliments our outstanding physicians have received.

Frank Agatucci, MD, Emergency Department

After years of living in pain, Dr. Agatucci correctly diagnosed my sister’s problem. He spent time with her, talked to her, examined her and showed genuine compassion and concern for her wellbeing. I have never been as impressed with ANY medical professional as I was with Dr. Agatucci.

Andrea Archibald, MD, Hospital Medicine

My husband and I both appreciated Dr. Archibald’s concern, patience and genuine interest in my situation. She went above and beyond what anyone could have expected as she worked to get the tests I needed done.

Alfonso Torquati, MD, Duke Center for Metabolic & Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Torquati’s clinical skills are superb and his ability to communicate with his patients in a manner that is understandable is beyond outstanding!  We are delighted that he was my care provider and appreciate all he has done for me and my family.

Susan Izatt, MD, Special Care Nursery

Our baby had to spend three days in the Special Care Nursery. Dr. Izatt was the attending physician, and she was absolutely wonderful! She did a fantastic job of making sure our baby was taken care of, and we are very grateful to her!

Snehal Patel, MD, Hospital Medicine

Dr Patel is very soft spoken but upon hearing that my grandfather is hard of hearing he got close to his ear and spoke loud and clear. He kept this in mind during all of his interactions with my grandfather. He also got down his knees to get to my grandmother’s level while she was sitting so that he could answer her questions. I truly believe that if more doctors had the manners and kindness of Dr Patel our world would be a better and healthier place. He takes so much of the fear out of this experience.